Who We Are

We believe in building one house at the time to build a Happy Family, a Happy Community and towards creating a Happy Nation.

We are a non profit organization building homes for the needy with their participation and supported  by generous volunteers and donors.

Our Approach


  • To reach out and promote the culture of care in the community to those lacking a decent place to live.
  • To lend a hand to those in need of a safe and decent living environment.
  • To promote the spirit of volunteerism in both the local and global community.
  • To promote the spirit of a giving and contribution to the community.

— Our Mission

To bring people together to build homes, communities and hopes.


— Our Vision

Happy Family Homes Malaysia envisions that Together We Build for the Needy, Suitable Homes for a Happier Future.


— Our Story

üHappy Family Homes Malaysia (538181-M) (formally known as Habitat For Humanity 2000 (Malaysia) ) was officially incorporated in Malaysia on the 2nd February 2001.

The founding Members of Happy Family Homes Malaysia comprise of like minded Malaysians who had previously been members or served on the Board Of Directors of Habitat For Humanity Malaysia.